Making The Maker.

What is a maker?

To put it simply, a maker is someone who makes something, normally with their hands.

I have always been intrigued with makers – artists and leaders – relying on themselves to create, innovate, inspire, and self-motivate, and I have always like making things.

However, in this case, we’re talking about a whole lifestyle, not just a hobby. Making everything (or almost everything) we use and feed ourselves. By doing this, we will confidently know exactly what we put in and on our bodies.

We have welcomed corporations into almost every inch of our lives, and in return have lost the ability to rely on ourselves. Produce sold in grocery stores and even farmers markets around the world are grown on farms now owned and operated by the corporation voted “most unethical company”, yet we continue to support them by purchasing their product. Enough.

Us humans are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. We should be able to depend on ourselves for whatever our need, especially now in the age of the internet and Google.

The spark.

Don’t laugh- it all started with an unintentional soul-searching trip to Joshua Tree, CA.

I was driving up with my very talented folk-singing friend’s mom, Cammy, to watch her daughter play a show at the Joshua Tree Saloon. If you’re anything like me, road trips are a time for deep reflection – shit gets real. Heart-to-hearts are bound to happen and the truth is revealed. Hah.

At one point, our conversation turned to health and wellness. I hadn’t been feeling well in several parts in my life. I was working a job in real estate at the time and it wasn’t fulfilling. I knew I wanted more out of life than just selling houses. I was taking 35 mg of Adderall per day for my ADD. Also, I had a multitude of vague symptoms that I had been dismissing: adult acne, constipation, fatigue, brain fog, and just a general sense of un-health.

Cammy suggested that I go see her naturopath doctor as soon as we got back in town. The moment we returned home I called up the office and scheduled an appointment. This was not a regular doctor’s appointment – this appointment was a full 90 minutes of care and attention. It was about treating the root of the issues and not just trimming the branches. I never looked back.

The diagnosis.

About a pint of blood later and flash forward to getting my test results back from the labs: I had been diagnosed with leaky gut and it had been causing the plethora of issues. My testosterone was through the roof, my estrogen was super high, I was anemic, my blood sugar was elevated, and I was allergic to cow dairy, eggs, wheat, rye, spelt, gluten, sugar cane, corn, broccoli, string beans, pineapple, bananas, and cranberries. Woah.

Damn, I really miss broccoli.

To put it nicely, leaky gut occurs when your intestines are permeable, causing incompletely digested food, waste, and bacteria to pass through the gut straight into the circulatory (blood) system. The body then recognizes these “foreign substances” and attacks, causing inflammation, a weakened immune system, and decreased  absorption of nutrients. When leaky gut is not treated, it manifests in many horrible ways, including autoimmune disease. My mother has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for many years, and I had all of the same digestive issues she had throughout her life.

The doctor gave me lots of supplements and put me on a minimum three-month protocol. I thought I had been eating a relatively healthy diet in the past, but I had no idea what changes were in store. I literally had to start cooking every single thing I put into my mouth, from scratch. Going to restaurants was like playing a game of Russian Roulet and wasn’t worth the risk of getting sick. I learned the hard way, trust me.

After about two months, I started feeling amazing. My skin cleared up, I was regular, I had mental clarity, and I actually had energy when I woke up! I also wanted to work out and exercise. This was better than any drug I was ever prescribed. The feeling was so empowering.

I quit Adderall and my real estate job. I started a little vegetable garden in our humble backyard.

The domino effect.

After transforming my entire diet, it started a whole domino effect throughout every part of my life. If I knew what I was putting in my body, I should definitely know what I’m putting on my body, especially after learning how fluoride and aluminum were extremely toxic. So I began experimenting with some ingredients from the kitchen and bath and developed natural (and edible) solutions for the body such as a (very popular) all-purpose balm, facial hydrating mist, body scrub, toothpaste powder, and homemade deodorant. Again, empowerment.

Now I’m hooked on DIY projects – hydro and aeroponic gardening, crocheting blankets and scarves, making jewelry with my best friend, naturally dying fabrics, ceramics, and of course, recipe developing.

I want to share all the beauty and information I have learned with the world. My goal is to provide recipes and projects that are easy to follow along with and life changing. We can all un-commercialize, one change at a time.

I hope you love the maker as much as I do.